A Look At Large Vessel Spill Containment Systems

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A Look At Large Vessel Spill Containment Systems

Modular, hard-walled systems provide long-term, high-capacity spill containment. Spill containment comes in all types of shapes and sizes and when it comes to containing large vessels like frac tanks, tanker trucks, and other large vehicles Containment Berms are often the solution. 

But when spill containment needs to be “super-sized”, a product like the Ultra-Containment Wall is necessary.  The hard-walled, high-capacity spill containment system is ideal for multiple vehicle containment areas like those found in the oilfields or when a taller wall / more containment capacity is necessary. The modular walls and corners can be quickly set up and reconfigured as containment needs change. You can build these yourself or purchase them premade from a select group of companies that carry them. (Email me if you’d like to see a list).

Modular wall segments and corners can be readily assembled to form almost any size or shape spill containment area needed.
    Heavy-duty, 30 mils, textured polyethylene liner provides rugged, impermeable barrier to capture leaks and spills in many sizes and shapes. These produce large, semi-permanent containment areas and also provides significantly more gallon capacity than shorter walled containment systems. These versatile systems can be easily dismantled for reuse at future sites.
    Unlike some containment systems, ones like the Ultra-Containment Wall is not fastened to the substrate so it is excellent for use in parking lots, sand, hard soil, muddy dirt, frozen soil or on concrete areas.