Spill Containment – Learn How To Properly Contain Fierce Spills!

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Spill Containment – Learn How To Properly Contain Fierce Spills!

Spill Containment – Oil Containment – Secondary Containment


Oil containment

Perhaps the most important and what should be the 1st thing down should you befall into a series of unfortunate luck and find yourself either at work or home with a bad oil, or chemical spill is first to contain it. Spill containment is something that is imperative in any type of liquid discharge to avoid any of the possible damage that the spill can cause. This particular remedial measure is among the Best Management Practices put in place as part of aquatic environmental protection measures. Spill kits with containment and cleanup materials are must-haves in most marine carriers as well as inland transportation and industrial plants. Spill response teams are also prepared to be able to deal with containment and cleanup duties.

Modern advancements have made spill containment an undertaking that can quickly be dealt with by the ordinary person. No particular experience is essential to use these substances to contain spills. All it takes is sharp thinking and the right mindset to be able to take on the bulk of containment and cleanup. Whether there is a notable spill in open waters or a small spill in a school’s chemistry laboratory, there is a spill containment commodity uniquely designed for a particular spill circumstance. Both soil and water spills can best be contained and cleaned up by the right spill cleanup product.

Using the Oil Absorbent Boom is the best device for spill containment in aquatic environments. These booms are created out of extremely porous polypropylene treated with a poly sock covering and then encased in a durable mesh outer cover. Oil Absorbent Booms are large spill containment implements in that they are water repellent and will not shed nor fade even when they are saturated with oil. As these booms are cast into the water, these booms come with a sturdy nylon rope that makes it easy to throw the boom out into the water and then, later on, retrieve it for wringing out or for disposal.

Marine spills are efficiently contained by the Oil Absorbent Booms when they are thrown into the water and dragged back into the boat after it has successfully collected the oil spill. These booms only absorb hydrocarbons including gas, fuel, and lubricant oil among others. As oil generally stays on the water’s surface, the floating oil absorbent boom efficiently picks-up the oil spill as it skims through its surface. Depending on the area where spill containment is needed, these oil absorbent booms can be clipped together using a carbon steel connector.

On land, industrial spills are contained using the Chemical Hazmat Boom. These booms are yellow colored and are made of polypropylene with a dense outer mesh covering. Like the Oil Absorbent Boom, this boom comes with a nylon rope and carbon steel connectors for convenience in handling. The yellow color of this boom serves to “announce” the dangerous threats the spill might pose to any person who gets near the spill. Even those trained as members of the spill response team have to take extra precautionary measures to protect them as they work at spill containment and cleanup. The Chemical Hazmat Boom can absorb all types of liquid but cannot float on water.

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